20th Century

imageI’ll never forget when one of my teachers, Loretta Slovak, introduced me to Bartok. – How exciting!  (My father did not share my enthusiasm.) I started my own piano studio after college, and was saddened when I consistently saw my students conveniently leave out their 20th Century pieces from their practice schedule.  (What? How could they not like Bartok?)  I now realize that maybe Bartok isn’t for everyone, but that there are some other “softer” 20th Century composers that students will more willingly try such as Kabalevsky.  One of my little students recently performed “Dance on the Lawn,” by Kabalevsky for a piano festival and created a marvelous imagery of young children dancing gleefully, perhaps barefoot in the soft grass.  Rebikov has a precious piece, “Evening in the Meadow,” that is simply delightful!  Who said 20th Century can not be fun?