New Christmas Music!

imageOur first Christmas together as newly weds, I quickly learned that Gingerbread cookies were indeed my husband’s favorite! One year I made the mistake of only doubling the recipe instead of tripling the amount of dough! Oops – big mistake!  This early elementary level piece, Gingerbread Cookies is a fun and festive piece.  My children and I are gearing up soon to make our Gingerbread Cookies!

I also would like to introduce an intermediate level Christmas piano piece, Sleigh Ride, in which you can imagine being swept away across the snow!  This has been a favorite among my students.


Lessons that Glow!

imageWe tried out our fall glow in the dark bean bags on our glow in the dark grand staff mat now that the time has changed, and boom – the students loved it!  I added glow in the dark paint to my existing bean bags and to the lines on my grand staff to create this “special effect”.  My older students even joined in on the fun!  (Sassy Kitty always enjoys this part of the lesson too!)image