Fall Back into Fall Fun!

My younger students have been begging for Festive Fall bean bag notes to use on our grand staff mat. Well – here goes: we have pumpkins, candy corn and fall leaves.  Since the days are shorter and “fall back” is soon around the corner, some lessons may be after dark, which is perfect for glow in the dark bean bags!  The lines in the mat also become glow in the dark! (Shh! – some of my students do not know this yet – Surprise!)



Piano and the iPad!

I love using the iPad in piano lessons, and I have also become spoiled using it for special music in church. The note clarity is amazing, and I love the page turns – no more sheet music falling all over the piano!  Medieval Melodies: A Fairy Tale Suite – Volume II is specially written for the iPad.  The early intermediate piano book couples the sister arts of music and painting through a storybook format that sparks the imagination of the performer.  Original compositions come to life on the iPad through vivid illustrations and audio performances. Medieval Melodies: A Fairy Tale Suite – Volume II  can be downloaded in the iBookstore.image