Piano Critters!

“Where do my hands go?” – I’m sure this notorious question has haunted piano teachers for several centuries! When my own child/student began asking me this question, then I decided to try some new things, such as – “Piano Critters.” I made a little “critter” for each note. Each time I introduce a new piece to a beginning level student, I ask them to place a critter on the starting notes. My students have loved these characters! The critters can also be used along side of flash cards.
(Note: I handcrafted these, but they could be easily made with a little glue and felt.)

C-cat, D-dog, E-egg, F-fish, G-glove, A-apple and B-butterfly

C-Cat, D-Dog, E-Egg, F-Fish, G-Glove, A-Apple and B-Butterfly


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